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Monitor network availability, faults, performance and usage from one console. Supports SNMP polling, traps, syslogs, NetFlow and more.

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Network Management Simplified

Although the emphasis of IT performance monitoring and management has turned towards application performance, monitoring of network performance is still important because any slowdown in the network tier can affect application performance.

eG Enterprise Universal Insight for networks is a 100% web-based performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution for heterogeneous network infrastructures. While IT operations staff can use eG Enterprise for real-time monitoring, alerting and diagnosis, IT architects can use this solution for capacity optimization and planning.


As IT infrastructures have become business-critical, the importance of network monitoring has not diminished. Performance issues in the network tier adversely affect the performance of applications. From an administration perspective, it is important to differentiate network performance issues from server, storage, application and virtualization performance issues.

At the same time, network infrastructures have become more complicated with the introduction of a number of new and heterogeneous devices (such as virtual switches, network caches, reverse proxies, secure gateways, connection managers, SAN switches, VOIP devices, and wireless devices).

eG Innovations Performance Management Overview

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts


Unified Network Monitoring, Diagnosis and
Reporting solution

  • Monitors any SNMP MIB-II compliant network device
  • Support for NetFlow monitoring of Cisco routers
  • Receives and reports SNMP traps from any network device
  • Auto-baselines metrics to automatically determine times when network performance is abnormal

eG Enterprise provides unified monitoring of all network devices from one console, enables problems to be clearly demarcated and alerts to be proactively triggered of problems well before users notice.

What eG Universal Insight for
Network Monitoring Reveals

Interface availability Packet drops Hop-by-hop latency
Device uptime Memory usage of device Network throughput
Hardware status CPU usage of device Performance from different locations
Bandwidth usage CRC errors Top traffic sources
Network availability Connections to target servers Top traffic destinations

Monitoring Any SNMP-Capable Network Device
with a Few Clicks

  • Choose any custom SNMP MIB and the MIB objects to be monitored
  • Decide the frequency at which the device should be polled
  • Define baselines for each of the metrics
  • Define the layers that define the custom device and how metrics map to the layers
  • Start monitoring and reporting on your custom devices

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid-cloud setups and on-premises deployments
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  • Suitable for monitoring applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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