The eG Innovations Korea Customers and Partners Day 2022 was held on November 10th.

2022년도 eG Innovations Korea Customer and Partners’ Day가 기존 및 eG Enterprise에 관심 있으신 고객과 주요 파트너사를 모시고 디지털트랜스포메이션 시대에 맞는 최적의 eG Enterprise 모니터링 솔루션 제안 방안, 비즈니스 구축사례 및 eG Innovations에 특화된 커스터마이징 대시보드 구현 등의 발표 내용을 가지고 2022년 11월 10일 서울 롯데호텔 명동점 37층 스카이 라운지에서 성황리에 개최되었습니다.

당초 전체 70명 참석을 예상하여 행사 홀을 예약했으나, 행사 이틀 전까지 두배가 훨씬 넘는 180명 이상이 사전 등록을 하였고, 참석자 또한 예상을 넘어선 100명 이상이 자리하였습니다. 좌석이 한정된 관계로 급히 보조 의자를 세팅하여 좌석이 없으신 분들께 양해를 구했고, 저희 행사주관 관계자들은 뒤로 별도의 자리에 앉거나 선 채로 세미나를 진행하였습니다.

The event was well attended with over 100 attendees

삼성, LG, SK, 롯데 등 대기업을 포함하여 KB은행, KB캐피탈, 교보생명 등 국내 대형 금융사, 그리고 다양한 제조기업 및 대학교 등의 IT관리자부터 현업에 이르기까지 폭넓은 직책의 분들이 자리하셨고 저희 파트너사인 에이치씨인포, 메타넷티플랫폼, 윈스코어에서 다양한 방법으로 행사를 공식 후원해 주셨습니다.

Attendees enjoyed presentations from eG Innovations and our partners

예상을 훨씬 넘는 많은 인원이 참석하셨으며, 파트너사와 고객분들의 협조로 행사는 성공적으로 진행되었습니다.

Speakers included Anand Sampath, CFO of eG Innovations, and representatives from HCinfo, Metanet TPlatform, and Winscore

주요 세션 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

  • 디지털 트랜스포메이션 시대, eG Enterprise 모니터링 제안 – eG Innovations Korea
  • 스마트워크를 위한 eG Enterprise VDI 모니터링 고객 사례  – HCinfo
  • SAP 서비스 통합 모니터링을 위한 eG Enterprise  – Metanet TPlatform
  • eG Enterprise를 위한 통합 대시보드  – Winscore

발표 세션 내용에 다양한 관심을 가져 주심으로 세미나를 마친 후, 이지이노베이션스코리아와 파트너사로 자사의 인프라 현황에 대입한 추가적인 질문에 대한 문의가 많았습니다.

예상을 뛰어넘는 고객사와 파트너사들의 관심과 참여에 감사의 말씀을 드리며, 금번 행사의 성공적인 개최를 기반으로 향후에는 더 유익한 내용과 다채로운 이벤트를 준비하여 고객 및 파트너와함께하는 시간을 마련하도록 하겠습니다.

금번 행사를 공식 후원해 주신 파트너사와 성공적인 행사를 위해 각자의 자리에서 노력해 주신 이지이노베이션스코리아 임직원들에게 감사드리며, 특히 행사를 축하하기 위해 참석해주신 Anand Sampath(eG Innovations Global CFO) 와 Srihari Avar(APAC Technical Support Manager)에게도 감사의 말씀을 전해 드립니다.

eG Innovations and its partners gather for a group photo

The eG Innovations Korea team celebrate a successful event

The 2022 eG Innovations Korea Customer and Partners’ Day개최

The eG Innovations Korea Customer and Partner’s Day 2022 brought together our customers and major partners to learn more about the latest features and best practices for implementing eG Enterprise.

The event took place on the 37th floor of the Lotte Hotel Myeongdong in downtown Seoul on the 10th November. It was an exceptionally well attended event and exceeded our expectations. We had originally planned for 70 attendees but on the day over 100 people had registered to attend!

It gave us a good problem to have because there was limited seating in the venue, but with some quick thinking from the hotel staff we were able to shoe-horn in the extra 30 attendees, even it was a little bit cramped for some of us!

Topics of discussion included IT monitoring in the digital transformation era, the business case for IT performance monitoring, building custom dashboards for customers and stakeholders, and specialized customization options within the product.

Attending the event was a wide range of profiles, from IT managers to business owners. Global companies were present as well, with representatives from Samsung, LG, SK, and Lotte coming to hear the latest news about eG Enterprise. National companies were also well represented with employees from KB Bank, KB Capital, Kyobo Life Insurance, and various manufacturing companies and universities.

We are thankful to our partners for the event, HCINFO, Metanet Tplatform and Winscore who were sponsors and helped out with the promotion.

Key sessions from the event were as follows:

  • The benefits of IT performance monitoring using eG Enterprise in the era of digital transformation – presented by the eG Innovations Korea team
  • Customer Success Stories when using eG Enterprise VDI Monitoring for Smart Work – HCinfo
  • Using eG Enterprise for SAP Service Integration Monitoring – Metanet Tplatform
  • How to build an integrated dashboard for eG Enterprise – Winscore

These well-received presentations sparked a lot of post-seminar discussion with the attendees with a lot inquiries and follow-up questions about IT infrastructure monitoring with eG Innovations Korea and our partners.

We are pleasantly surprised and wish to express our gratitude for the high level of interest and participation from our customers and partners for this event. We plan to host more informative events like this in 2023 to satisfy the demand and to further connect with our customers and partners.

Finally, we would like to once again thank our partners for officially sponsoring this event and the executives and employees of eG Innovation Korea for their efforts to make the event a success, especially Anand Sampath (eG Innovations Global CFO) who attended to celebrate the event, and Srihari Avar, APAC Technical Support Manager.

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