How Does eG Enterprise Help With .NET Core Application Monitoring?

Using the eG Real User Monitor (RUM), administrators can track transaction requests to a .NET Core application, measure the responsiveness of each transaction, rapidly identify the slow transactions, and precisely pinpoint what is causing the slowness - is it a problem with the application front-end (i.e., browser)? a flaky network connection? or a server-side processing delay?

If eG RUM reveals issues in server-side processing, then the eG .NET Core BTM steps in to provide in-depth visibility into transaction performance across the server-side tiers. In the process, the eG .NET Core BTM leads you the exact source of your transaction troubles.

This document focuses on the eG .NET Core Business Transaction Monitor (BTM), discusses how it works, and reveals how it helps ensure rapid diagnosis and resolution of delays in your mission-critical .NET Core application transactions.