What is Apache Zeppelin?

Apache Zeppelin is a collaborative data analytics and visualization tool for distributed, general-purpose data processing systems such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, etc. It is a modern web-based tool for the data scientists to collaborate over large-scale data exploration and visualization projects. Its notebook style interpreter enables collaborative analysis sessions sharing between users.

Apache Zeppelin is an open source project for simplifying big data analytics with web-based notebooks that enable interactive data analytics. It has multiple language backends and Apache Spark integration, thus allowing to address various analytic tasks inside notebooks. Moreover it allows interactive visualization and collaboration with ready insights into data. Apache Zeppelin can cover whole data discovery flow inside a single Zeppelin notebook.

Apache Zeppelin has pluggable backend architecture in terms of its interpreters. New interpreters can be implemented and plugged in via its Interpreter interface.

Why Monitor Apache Zeppelin?

Apache Zeppelin is a kind of tool where data ingestion, data exploration, data visualization, and data analytics can be done using Zeppelin Notebook. By closely monitoring the target Apache Zeppelin, the administrators can track the number of Notebooks that were created/deleted in the target Apache Zeppelin and monitor the paragraph status in each Notebook on what has exactly happened while executing the paragraphs and can take necessary actions with respect to the respective paragraph status.