The REST API Commands for Orchestration of eG Administrative Interface

To perform the administrative activities on the eG manager, users need to provide the following default Headers parameters. These parameters can also be set as a global variable in the REST Client.

  • managerurl: The URL of the eG manager. Example:
  • user: The user authorized to access the eG manager. Example: john. If the user belongs to a domain or an Active Directory Group of a domain, then, you should specify the user in the following format: domain/username. Example: chn/john
  • pwd: The password for the user. Ensure that you provide an encrypted value of the password in this field. Note that the password should be encrypted in Base64 format.


  • The managerurl, user and pwd parameters (referred as Key values in REST Client) should be specified in the Headers tab of the REST Client.

  • If Two-factor Authentication is enabled on the eG manager, by default, the eG REST API is designed to skip the process of entering the two-factor authentication code and query the eG manager directly for the required output.

  • By default, a command executed using the eG REST API waits for a valid response for a the default time period of 100 seconds. The command execution will automatically fail if a vaild response is not obtained beyond this default time period. Administrators are therefore, required to execute the command once again to obtain a valid response.