The JBoss Application Server is a widely used Java application server that provides a J2EE certified platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, web applications, and portals, and also offers extended enterprise services such as clustering, caching, and persistence.

To monitor the JBoss application server, eG requires administrators to deploy two specialized components on the target server. These components are, the eG MBean Service component, and the eG Web Component.

  • eG MBean Service Component: This service is started by JBoss as soon as this component is deployed to the server. The main purpose of this component is to get the MBean server instance running on the JBoss server. It also provides static methods which use the MBean server instance to gather relevant statistics from the JBoss server.
  • eG Web Component: This web component consists of one servlet. The eG agent will connect to this servlet by passing relevant arguments. The servlet will then invoke the corresponding static method of the MBean service component and return the result to the eG agent. The agent will then compute the required metrics and upload the same the eG manager.

In order to enable the eG agents to extract statistics from the JBoss server, the above-mentioned components need to be deployed on the JBoss server. The steps for deploying these components have been discussed in How to Monitor JBoss Application Server Using eG Enterprise? chapter.