What is Oracle VM Manager?

Oracle VM Manager provides a central place to manage Oracle VM Server for x86 and SPARC. It streamlines tasks that are normally highly manual and time-intensive to significantly reduce data center costs and complexity. Oracle VM Manager 3 application runs on 64-bit Oracle Linux 5.5 OS or later. For its management repository, Oracle VM Manager uses an Oracle Database or MySQL Database as the management repository. 

Oracle VM Manager provides the following main features:

  • Virtual machine life cycle management. This includes creating virtual machines from either installation media or from templates, starting, logging in, shutting down, and deleting virtual machines.

  • Importing virtual machines

  • Cloning virtual machines

  • Deploying virtual machines

  • Migrating virtual machines

  • Creating and configuring server pools

  • Managing servers

  • Managing resources, including ISO files, virtual machine templates, virtual machine images, and shared virtual disks

  • Managing Oracle VM Manager users, and groups

Using the Oracle VM Manager, administrators can easily migrate VMs from one server to another within the same server pool thus helping to balance the resources of the server pool dynamically. Using this Oracle VM Manager, new virtual machines can be provisioned based on templates easily.