How to Monitor Qmail Server using the eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise monitors the Qmail server in both agent based and agentless manner. To monitor the Qmail server in the agentless manner, a single eG agent should be installed on a remote Windows host. To enable the eG agent to pull-out metrics from the Qmail server, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled, these requirements are discussed in the section below.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring Qmail Server

For the Qmail tests to work effectively, ensure that the following are in place:

  1. The following packages should be installed along with Qmail:

    • netqmail-1.05
    • daemontools-0.76
    • ucspi-tcp-0.88

    A detailed Qmail installation procedure is available in the following URL:

  2. All executable files (under /package/admin/daemontools-0.76/command) related to the qmail admin services should have links under /usr/local/bin.
  3. The executable file svstat (in the /usr/local/bin directory) must be given special executable permission using the command: chmod u+s svstat. Only a super-user can execute this command.
  4. The eG agent user should be added to the qmail group.