How Does eG Enterprise Monitor the Radware Alteon Load Balancer?

eG Enterprise monitors the Alteon load balancer in an agentless manner. An eG external agent deployed on any remote host in your environment can be used for this purpose.

The external agent uses a combination of agentless mechanisms to pull the metrics of interest from the load balancer. While some metrics are pulled by polling the SNMP MIB of the load balancer at frequent intervals, some others are collected by running Radware CLI commands.

To enable the eG agent to collect the metrics, the following pre-requisites need to be fulfilled:

  • Make sure that the target load balancer is SNMP-enabled.
  • Ensure that the system hosting the eG external agent has network connectivity with the target load balancer.
  • Ensure that the eG tests are configured with the correct SNMP port, SNMP community string, and SNMP version used in your environment.
  • To access the Radware CLI, the eG external agent has to first establish an SSH connection with the load balancer. For this purpose, the eG tests have to be configured with correct SSH port on the load balancer. To run commands using the Radware CLI, the eG external agent has to be configured with the credentials of a valid SSH user who is authorized to run the commands. For this, make sure that the eG tests are configured with the valid SSH Username and SSH Password of such a user.