Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is a simple high-level protocol for transferring files between the network devices. TFTP uses client and server software to make connections between two devices. From a TFTP client, individual files can be copied (uploaded) to or downloaded from the server. In other words, the server is the one serving files while the client is the one requesting or sending the files. TFTP can also be used to remotely start a computer, back up network or router configuration files, diskless workstations and X-terminals by using User Data Protocol (UDP).

If the TFTP servers in an environment play repository to critical information, then users are bound to be intolerant towards brief or prolonged delays in uploading data to or downloading data from the server. To ensure that users are always assured of swift TFTP access, the TFTP server’s performance should be periodically monitored. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators.