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Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring

Stop Slow Performance at the Source

Proactive Monitoring of Microsoft SQL Server

According to a recent Explore Group survey, Microsoft SQL server is one of the top database servers in use today. Services in most industries - healthcare, manufacturing, finance and more - rely on SQL database servers for data storage and access. Any performance degradation or unavailability of these servers can severely impact the performance of the entire service, often causing customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. To prevent such situations, database administrators are tasked with making sure that their database servers are tuned well and responding as fast as possible to application requests. Performance monitoring can help database administrators:

Dashboards provide quick status views of Microsoft sql server performance.

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise has been incredibly useful and has far exceeded our expectations. Metrics relating to SQL and missing indexes have provided critical information that we had long suspected were performance issues. Now we have the information to address specific performance challenges.

Pejman Farahi
Applications Specialist, Aird Berlis


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