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The Need for Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a key requirement for managed IT service providers (MSPs). MSPs are often required to monitor client endpoints, servers, networks, and applications remotely. RMM tools provide MSPs with a single unified console from where they can:

  • Monitor all their clients' systems, networks, and applications
  • Get proactively alerted to problems
  • Detect if any configuration changes have happened on these systems to impact IT service availability or performance
  • Perform root-cause analysis to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Initiate any remedial action that is needed to resolve IT issues

eG Enterprise: A Complete RMM Solution for MSPs

One Solution to Address Diverse Monitoring Needs

Using a combination of agent and agentless monitoring, eG Enterprise provides a single solution that incorporates monitoring for different domains. From one console, MSPs can get a 360-degree view of their clients' infrastructure and applications:

  • Monitor over 10+ operating systems in one console
  • Cover all the popular virtualization technologies
  • Track performance of storage devices to identify bottlenecks
  • Help MSPs move up the value chain by monitoring key business applications
  • Citrix, VDI, Cloud, containers - eG Enterprise monitors it all
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RMM Supported Platforms

MSP Friendly Architecture

  • Deliver as self-service SaaS: Clients can self sign in to the monitoring portal and add devices, systems, and applications for monitoring.
  • Multi-tenancy is built into the tool: Auto-associate systems, devices, and applications with clients. Provide client-wise views for the MSP operations team.
  • Support monitoring within and beyond firewalls: HTTP/S based communication and connection initiation from within client networks ensures that deployment is simple. No need for VPNs or firewall rules to be changed for deploying the tool.
  • Highly secure: All communications are encrypted. User logons are authenticated with support for SAML and 2FA.
  • White-labeling: White-label the solution to promote your brand.
RMM Analytics Dashboard

Helping MSPs Move Up the Value Chain with Full Stack Visibility

  • Go from break-fix mode to proactive monitoring and prevention using our machine learning and auto-baselining capabilities
  • Focus on user experience - for any IT service, any application. Provide dashboards highlighting just what executive management needs
  • Go beyond server monitoring to IT service management. Track the performance of every tier - middleware, messaging, databases, cloud services - all from one console.
  • Provide value-added diagnosis, troubleshooting, and advisory services. Become a trusted advisor to your clients.
RMM Full Stack Visibility

Automate and Integrate with MSP Systems

  • Enable MSPs to extend the monitoring to cover custom client applications and eliminate blindspots
  • Facilitate automation. MSPs can integrate any scripts they have to enable automatic corrective actions to be taken when a problem occurs
  • Integrate alerting with ITSM service desk tools, so that tickets can be auto-created when a problem is detected and they can be auto-closed when the problem is resolved
  • Use REST APIs to integrate monitoring with any external systems and dashboards you may have. Export metrics to Microsoft Power BI and other data analytics tools and provide unique value and insights for your clients
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12 ways in which eG Enterprise meets with today's MSP monitoring requirements

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid cloud setups and on-premises deployments
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