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RMM Tools and Software for MSPs

Remote Monitoring and Management for System Networks and Applications

The Need for Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a key requirement for managed IT service providers (MSPs). MSPs are often required to monitor client endpoints, servers, networks, and applications remotely. RMM tools provide MSPs with a single unified console from where they can:

RMM Tool Dashboard
  • Monitor all their clients' systems, networks, and applications
  • Get proactively alerted to problems
  • Detect if any configuration changes have happened on these systems to impact IT service availability or performance
  • Perform root-cause analysis to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Initiate any remedial action that is needed to resolve IT issues

eG Enterprise: A Complete RMM Solution for MSPs

12 ways in which eG Enterprise meets with today's MSP monitoring requirements

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.


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