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eG Enterprise: Alternative to VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon

Ensure consistent user experience and prepare for a digital workspace success with VMware Horizon

What is VMware vROps for Horizon?

VMware vROps for Horizon

VMware Horizon® is one of the most popular choices for deploying virtual applications and desktops. Virtual applications and desktop deployments have unique requirements for monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting. Hence, there is a need for specialized solutions that provide VMware Horizon administrators with the dashboards, insights, and reports they need to effectively maintain their VMware Horizon deployments.

VMware vRealize® Operations for Horizon® extends the functionality of the VMware vRealize® Operations Manager to monitor and manage VMware Horizon environments. It collects data about key VMware Horizon components and presents that data in preconfigured dashboards for both real-time and predictive analysis.


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