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Windows Server Monitoring Solution

Drive Top Performance from Your Windows Servers

Top Windows Server Performance for Business Success

Microsoft Windows technologies form a core part of most IT infrastructures. While Microsoft Exchange is widely used for enterprise email, Internet Information Server (IIS) powers a majority of all web servers on the Internet. Microsoft SQL server is a scalable database platform of choice, and the Active Directory server is widely being used to maintain and manage access lists and credentials.

Fast, accurate problem diagnosis can improve service uptime, improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and increase the effectiveness of the IT administrators.


Key Challenges:

eG Enterprise for Windows Monitoring

eG Enterprise offers comprehensive management of Microsoft servers and applications. Pre-defined models of the operating system and individual applications (web server, mail server, database, etc.) incorporated in eG Enterprise dictate what are the key operating system and application metrics that are to be collected in real-time by an eG agent. Each agent compares the metrics it collects against auto-generated or manually configured thresholds, and generates personalized alerts to operators as and when appropriate. Pre-defined hierarchical models for most popular applications, included as part of eG Enterprise, are used to correlate across the collected metrics to differentiate between the cause and effects of a problem.

Windows Server Monitoring SolutionLayer view, for quick issue identification and diagnosis

Key Features

Topology ViewA service topology indicating Microsoft Windows applications and their dependencies

Platforms Supported by the eG Microsoft Windows Monitor

Operating Systems Microsoft Applications Other Applications
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000   IIS web server, Microsoft Transaction Server, Active Directory, BizTalk Server, File Server, Print Server, Microsoft Terminal Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft Proxy, Microsoft MQ, ASP.NET, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Domain Controller, Event Logs, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft System Management Server, Windows Cluster, Microsoft Terminal Licensing server   Apache web server, Oracle database, Sybase, DB2 UDB, MySQL, WebLogic, WebSphere Citrix XenApp, Lotus Domino, and many others

For a complete list supported platforms, see “All Technologies.”

Key Benefits

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

With eG Innovations, we are reducing system maintenance and support costs, avoiding incremental IT spending and eliminating system downtime across the hospital. Performance and prediction reports help us optimize IT spending and save $100,000 per year.

Peter Bakker
Manager, ICT GHZ

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano
Senior Manager, Allscripts

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew Gowlett
Senior Consultant, C5 Alliance


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