eG Innovations and Egenera, a pioneer in management and automation for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, today announced a global technology alliance. The partnership will enable Egenera to incorporate eG Enterprise performance management software into Egenera’s PAN Manager software. The combined solution will give joint customers true end-to-end visibility to more accurately understand performance at every layer of the IT stack and to quickly address issues to ensure optimal service availability for mission-critical business services.

“Today’s enterprises are increasingly under pressure to bring efficiency and performance assurance to complex and dynamic business models especially when utilizing the cloud,” said IDC Group Vice President and GM, Matt Eastwood. “Yet most times, it is difficult and time consuming to pinpoint the cause of slow application performance to determine the root cause of the problem. Enterprises are looking for rapid and accurate diagnosis of performance problems in order to free an IT staff and improve overall service levels.”

Egenera’s PAN management suite provides an infrastructure management solution for physical, virtual and cloud-based environments that enables enterprises to quickly create and benefit from automated and self-service infrastructures. Customers use Egenera products to transform their static IT environments and deliver scalable and reliable IT services. As a result, IT is radically improved and businesses operate with much greater agility.

Together eG Innovations and Egenera solutions allow:

  • Greater return-on-investment by automating provisioning, performance management and capacity planning;
  • Faster problem identification AND resolution thereby freeing up IT time for more strategic initiatives;
  • Better business service availability and performance resulting in more satisfied and pro-ductive users;
  • Services to operate at the highest level possible producing fewer headaches for IT;
  • Automate the delivery of IT services to meet the needs of a diverse end user community, accurately understand what is happening at every layer of IT and quickly address issues and challenges to ensure optimal availability for mission critical business services.

“We are delighted to be partnering with eG Innovations, a clear leader in the performance management space,” said Pete Manca, CEO of Egenera.  “In a world of 24×7 mission critical IT services, customers increasingly need the ability to deliver real time performance monitoring, root cause analysis and problem resolution. For our enterprise, service provider and cloud customers, the combination of eG Innovations and Egenera provides the capabilities they need to ensure their business services meet the SLA’s they’ve set.”

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