Are you virtualizing your Citrix XenApp environment to reduce cost and increase flexibility? Do you experience performance pains with Citrix? Virtualization platforms like vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer or RHEV introduce many dynamic inter-dependencies between desktop, application, and infrastructure layers. This complexity makes it much more challenging to manage performance and deliver great user experience – and it adds cost and complexity.

When Citrix users call the helpdesk and say “My desktop is slow”, it is often difficult and very time consuming to diagnose and resolve the root cause of the problem. Is it Citrix? Is it the VMware/Hyper-V virtualization layer? Or is it the application? Is it the network or storage (EMC, NetApp, etc.)?

Download the new white paper “Performance Assurance for Virtualized Citrix XenApp Infrastructures and find out how to overcome performance challenges and deliver user satisfaction while reducing cost and complexity.

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