We are pleased to announce the general availability of the free eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, a SaaS-based Citrix logon simulator service that is available for free, forever. Free! No charge, no ads. And, no credit card details required.

Why Monitor Citrix Logon?

Monitoring Citrix Logon PerformanceCitrix logon slowness is one of the most challenging problems Citrix administrators have deal with. End-users login multiple times into their Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop session each day. If the logon is slow or fails, it will directly impact user productivity and, in turn, the business.

Monitoring CPU, memory and disk utilization is no longer sufficient to guarantee good Citrix performance. A user’s first interaction with the Citrix service is during logon. This also happens to be most complex step of the Citrix access. So, it is essential to monitor Citrix logon performance.

eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator – A Must Have Tool for Citrix Admins

With the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator, Citrix admins can run simulations of real user logon scenarios for XenApp and XenDesktop sessions from any local or remote endpoint, proactively catching logon problems before they impact end users. An intuitive visualization of step-by-step logon time breakdown enables advanced diagnosis of logon issues, allowing Citrix admins to easily isolate the cause of logon slowness or failure.

Feature Highlights:
  • Simulates the exact process that users go through when they logon to Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop
  • Tracks every step of the Citrix logon process, including browser access, authentication, enumeration, HDX session establishment, and application launch
  • Detects logon issues proactively and helps solve them before users are affected
  • Tests if the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure is working in concert
  • Provides real-time dashboards and historical reports customized to monitor Citrix logons
  • Monitor logon performance for Citrix farms in the public cloud or inside private networks

Monitor Logon Performance

Free Citrix Logon Simulator

Diagnose the Cause of Logon Slowdown

Citrix Logon Simulation Tool - Fre

Analyze Historical Reports & Trends

Citrix XenApp Logon Simulator

How to Get Started

You can get the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator up and running in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log into the SaaS portal with your registered email address and password
  2. Enter the requested information: Your Citrix farm URL and the names of the applications/desktops to be simulated
  3. Download the eG Agent from the portal and install it on the target system where you will run the logon simulation

That’s it! eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator will automatically start performing logon simulation and collecting metrics. You can use the real-time dashboards and 7-day historical reports for performance analysis.


Key Benefits of Using the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator

  • Proactively detect and solve logon issues before end-users contact the helpdesk
  • Benchmark your Citrix infrastructure: know if any changes (upgrades, patches, etc.) are impacting logon experience
  • Improve business productivity by delivering fast and uninterrupted Citrix services
  • Simulated logon testing helps admins understand if all tiers in the Citrix environment are available and working as expected

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