IT Performance for Remote EmployeesThings are about to get real in so many ways. Companies are telling employees to work from home, which sounds great in theory — less contact, less chance for the COVID-19 virus to spread. But what about the strain it’s going to place on your IT infrastructure?

Your employees will be connecting over a remote virtual infrastructure (Citrix, VMware, AWS, etc) and accessing a variety of in-house web applications (Java, .NET etc.) and SaaS services (Office 365). Furthermore, you probably have 90-100% of employees remote – something no organization would have surely thought of.

All of this will disrupt IT in ways we have not planned for. For instance, in the UK, cellular networks are already experiencing problems as everyone talks to their colleagues, and across the EU, and this happened just on the first day when people began working from home. Microsoft Teams, the collaboration tool in the Microsoft Office 365 suite was down for a while as well.

You might already have some basic monitoring tools for checking availability and uptime, but with the amount of traffic and types of requests that are about to hit your servers in the next few weeks, you need help!

Availability and responsiveness of your IT applications and infrastructure is the key to ensure that remote employees are productive, and business continues as usual. And when you receive complaints, you need to be able to resolve them quickly.

Are you ready for the flood of “my Citrix/Office 365/web application is slow” complaints?

eG Innovations has been supporting remote application and access infrastructures for over 15 years. Our solutions are purpose built to monitor, diagnose, and report on the performance of remote access infrastructures.

We know you’re already neck-deep in contingency planning for your IT infrastructure. To assist organizations like yours in these tumultuous times, we are offering our 100% cloud-based SaaS service at no cost for the next 30 days.

What can you monitor for free?

  • MicrosoftTeams-imageOffice 365, SAP, PeopleSoft — Your enterprise applications are key for your business. Ensure your colleagues can remain productive while working remotely.
  • Citrix, VMware Horizon — Your digital workspace is the gateway to your infrastructure and applications. Make sure that service delivery is optimized and responsive for the entire company.
  • Web application performance — Track all user accesses and ensure a great end user experience from anywhere, at any time. Identify if performance issues are due to code bugs or traffic overload.

With our free SaaS service, you can be up and running in minutes, and you do not have to make upfront investment in hardware or software.

We know things are uncertain right now but monitoring your IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be one of them. In just a couple minutes you can start monitoring your key applications and infrastructure, for free.

eG Enterprise is an Observability solution for Modern IT. Monitor digital workspaces,
web applications, SaaS services, cloud and containers from a single pane of glass.