eG Monitor App Download for Android

The eG Mobile App is now available on Google Playstore. Now, you have the capability to monitor, diagnose, and fix performance issues on the go.

With this free Android app, you can:

  • Be instantly notified of any impending events and errors on the go; Get instant push notifications for problem alerts. Slide on any alert to zoom into the problem area.
  • View everything you monitor including web and Citrix applications, virtualization platforms, databases, Java applications, messaging servers, network devices, etc. in one single dashboard
  • Use color coding (green, yellow, red) in your dashboard to easily spot issues that need attention
  • Zoom in for the details and zoom out for the big picture of all the infrastructure on your dashboard
  • Use graphs to correlate historical data with ease for all your infrastructure tiers
Components Alarms

To launch the app:

  • Access the Google Playstore on any Android (v4 or above) mobile phone.
  • Search for ‘egmonitor app’.
  • Once the eGMonitor App is found, click Install to download the app to the mobile phone.
  • Once the app downloads successfully, click Open to launch the app.
  • When prompted for a Manager URL, specify the URL of the eG manager to connect to.
  • Finally, login to the eG management console as any monitor user registered with that eG manager.



For all you iOS users, the eG Mobile app for iOS will be available in AppStore soon. Happy monitoring!

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