Viewing the .NET Core Business Transaction Metrics

Once the test is configured, the eG agent will run the test at configured intervals to pull useful metrics from the profiler, revealing the health of the business transactions to the monitored .NET Core application. To view these metrics, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG monitoring console.

  2. In the Components At-A-Glance section of the Monitor Dashboard, look for the managed Kestrel Web Linux / Kestrel Web Windows / IIS Web Server / Apache Web Server (as the case may be), where the .NET Core Business Transactions test is running.

  3. Once you find the server, double-click on the bar representing the health of the server in the Components At-A-Glance section.

  4. The layer model of that server will then appear. The top-most layer of the model will be the .NET Core Transactions layer. Once you click on this layer, you will find that a .NET Core Business Transactions test is mapped to it. Click on any descriptor of the test to view its metrics. To know what descriptors this test takes and what measures it reports for these descriptors, refer to the.NET Core Business Transactions Test topic.