Viewing Test Configuration

In environments where a large number of components are being monitored, naturally, a large number of tests would have been configured. It is therefore very difficult for administrators of such environments to verify the test configuration pertaining to a single component/component-type. In order to ease their pain, eG Enterprise provides a single interface for reviewing the test configurations pertaining to a chosen component-type or test of one/more components. To access this interface, select the View Test Configuration option from the Tests menu of the Agents tile. Doing so will invoke .


Figure 1 : Choosing the criteria to view test configuration

To view the configuration of a chosen test across components of a chosen component type, first, select the Component type of your interest. By default, Performance option will be chosen from the Test type list. Accordingly, the Test name list box will list all the performance tests of the chosen component type. Select a test for which you wish to view the configuration from the Test name list. Figure 2 will appear listing the test configuration of the chosen test across all components of the chosen Component type.

Figure 2 : Viewing the test configurations pertaining to all managed components

A Print icon is also made available in this page, to enable you to print and file the test configurations for future reference.