Monitoring BIG-IP GTM

Figure 1 shows the dedicated BIG-IP GTM monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise .

Figure 1 : Layer model of BIG-IP GTM

Each layer of Figure 1 is mapped to a variety of tests that provide valuable insights into the overall performance of the Global Traffic Manager. With the help of the metrics reported by these tests, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following queries:

  • Are there any requests that were dropped during transmission/ reception?

  • Are there any data centers/pools that are unavailable/unlicensed/in error state?

  • Are there any data centers/pools that have been disabled?

  • Are there any pools which had high usage of fallback load balancing method?

  • Is the number of dropped DNS messages high?

  • Is any server in the pool handling more connection requests than others?

  • Is network load balanced across all the servers in the pool?

  • Is any server/virtual server disabled currently? If so, was it disabled by the parent?

Since the tests pertaining to the Operating System, Network, TCP and Application Processes/Services layers have already been discussed in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document, Web Server layer has already been discussed in the Monitoring IIS Web Servers document, the sections to come will discuss the tests associated with the remaining layers alone.