Monitoring Citrix ADC Web AppFlow

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Citrix ADC Web AppFlow monitoring model for monitoring Web AppFlow.

Figure 3 : The layer model of Citrix ADC Web AppFlow

Each layer of Figure 3 above is mapped to tests that intercept AppFlow records to report a wide variety of useful metrics. Using these metrics, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Is web traffic handled by the target ADC appliance abnormally high?
  • Is the ADC appliance consuming bandwidth excessively when processing this traffic?
  • Is any web application processing bandwidth-intensive traffic?
  • Which is the exact web URL that was hit when bandwidth usage peaked?
  • Are specific web protocols consuming more bandwidth than the rest?
  • Are any HTTP request methods bandwidth-intensive?
  • Is any specific HTTP response message from the web application hogging the bandwidth?
  • Are operations performed by a particular web client bandwidth-intensive? If so, which web client is it? Which operating system is that client running on? Is high bandwidth usage by the web client OS impacting web client performance?
  • Is any user agent/client device (mobile phone, PC, tablet) over-utilizing the bandwidth resources?
  • How well is the ADC appliance processing web application traffic? Were any latencies noticed in the appliance?
  • Which web application is responding to requests very slowly, and where is the bottleneck - at the server end? or client end?
  • Is poor web application performance owing to the slow responsiveness of any particular web URL? If so, which URL is it, and where is the problem - in page loading? or in page rendering?
  • Is any web protocol latent? If so, where is the protocol seeing maximum slowness - on the server-side? or on the client-side?
  • Is any HTTP response status message taking too long to be rendered, thus degrading web application performance?
  • Can slowness experienced by web application users be attributed to any specific web clients / user agents (i.e., devices such as mobile phones, PC, tablet, etc.) they are using? If so, which ones?
  • If a latent web client is to blame for poor user experience with a web application, then is the slowness experienced by the web client owing to a slow operating system?
  • Is any web virtual server processing traffic slowly?

The following sub-topics discuss each layer of Figure 3 and the tests mapped to every layer.

The Citrix Web Devices Layer

The Citrix Web Applications Layer

The Citrix Web URLs Layer

The Citrix Web Clients Layer

The Citrix Web Servers Layer