How does eG Enterprise Monitor Citrix Hypervisor?

eG Enterprise provides two specialized monitoring models for Hypervisors - a Citrix Hypervisor model for monitoring Hypervisors that are hosting server applications, and a Citrix Hypervisor - VDI model that focuses on the performance of the virtual desktops executing on physical Hypervisors.

Both these models have been discussed elaborately later in this document.

Regardless of the model used, eG Enterprise adopts a patented ‘In-N-Out’ approach to monitoring Xen virtualized environments. In this approach, administrators have the option to choose between agent-based and agentless methodologies for monitoring the virtualized environment end-to-end, and determining the following:

  • The resource usage of the physical server - i.e., the Hypervisor host
  • The resource usage of each of the guests in relation to the physical resources available at the host-level (i.e., the “outside” view)
  • The usage of allocated resources by the guests (i.e., the “inside” view)