Db2 Transaction Test

This test tracks various statistics pertaining to the transactions executing on a DB2 database.

Target of the test : A DB2 database server

Agent deploying the test : An internal agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for every database on the DB2 database server that is currently active

Configurable parameters for the test
  1. TEST PERIOD – How often should the test be executed
  2. HostThe IP address of the DB2 server
  3. PortThe port number through which the DB2 server communicates. The default port is 50000.
  4. user - Specify the name of the user who has any of the following privileges to the specified DATABASE: SYSADM or SYSCTRL or SYSMAINT or SYSMON. You can create a separate user on the OS hosting the DB2 server for this purpose, and assign any of the aforesaid privileges to that user. The steps for the same are detailed in the Creating a Special User for Monitoring DB2.
  5. password - Enter the password of the specified USER in the PASSWORD text box.
  6. confirm password – Confirm the password by retyping it here.
  7. database - Specify the name of the database on the monitored DB2 server to be used by this test
  8. SSL- If the target database server is SSL-enabled, then set the SSL flag to Yes. If not, then set the SSL flag to No.
Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Commit Rate:

Indicates the transaction throughput.  This measure is the sum of the committed statements attempted and internal commits (total number of commits initiated internally by the database manager) per second.


A decrease in this measure during the monitoring period may indicate that the applications are not doing frequent commits. This may lead to problems with logging and data concurrency.

The cause has to be probed in the application.


Rollback Rate:

Indicates the rate of unit of work rollbacks.


A high rollback rate is an indicator of bad performance, since work performed up to the rollback point is wasted. The cause of the rollbacks has to be probed in the application.

Transaction Rate:

Indicates the rate of commits and rollbacks for the application using the DB2 Connect gateway.


A high transaction rate with high rollback rate indicates bad performance.