The Dell EMC S Series switch empowers organizations to deploy workloads and applications designed for the open networking era. These switches supports the open source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for zero-touch installation of alternate network operating systems including feature-rich Dell Networking OS.

Dell EMC S Series is ultra-low latency 1/10G BASE-T to 40GbE Top of Rack (TOR) Switch built for applications in high-performance data center and computing environments. Leveraging a non-blocking switching architecture, the S Series switch delivers line-rate L2 and L3 forwarding capacity with ultra-low-latency to maximize network performance. This switch is the only switch in the industry that provides customers an unbiased approach to Network Virtualization by supporting both network-centric virtualization method (VRF-lite) and Hypervisor centric virtualization method (VXLAN).

If these switches fail, the business-critical services might become inaccessible to end-users, thus causing the business to lose revenue and reputation. By periodically monitoring these switches for faults, and by proactively resolving the issues that surface, administrators can ensure that users receive continued connectivity to the services of interest.

Any issues with the switch could be the possible source of critical problems like abnormal temperature, high resource utilization, or unauthorized user access! To avoid such issues, the performance of the Dell EMC S Series switch has to be monitored 24 *7. The eG Enterprise helps network administrators to continuously monitor the Dell EMC S Series switches in the target environment.