Monitoring the Egenera PAN Manager

eG Enterprise offers a specialized Egenera PAN Manager monitoring model that monitors the current state and operations of each of the core components of the PAN manager, and reports anomalies instantly.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Egenera PAN Manager

Using agentless mechanisms, the eG data collector executes the PAN Manager Web Server API commands on the PAN manager and collects a wide variety of performance statistics from the PAN manager. With the help of these statistics, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following queries:

  • Is the PAN domain available currently?
  • Are the pNodes in the PAN domain over-utilized?
  • How many pNodes are available in the PAN manager? What are the names of the pNodes?
  • How many global pools and uplinks are available in this PAN manager, and what are they?
  • Have any media images, MACs, and WWNs been allocated to the PAN manager?
  • Is the PAN OPServer currently available?
  • How is license usage on the PAN Manager? Is any type of license nearing exhaustion? If so, which is it?
  • Is any switch in the PAN domain powered off currently? If so, in which chassis is the switch available?
  • Which switch in which chassis is attached to the maximum number of uplink ports? What are these uplink ports?
  • How many vSwitches are there in the PAN Network, and what are they?
  • On which vSwitch is link dependency not enabled?
  • Is any pNode in the powered off state currently?
  • Is any zone/hardware component of any pNode experiencing abnormal spikes in temperature? If so, which zone/hardware is it is it - is it the CPU, memory, DIMM, blade, hard drive, the Mezz zone, the CNA zone, the system zone, or the NIC zone -  and which pNode are they associated with?
  • Is any pServer in the shutdown mode currently?
  • Is the PAN agent not available on any pServer?
  • Is any pServer in the unmanaged or unavailable mode currently?
  • Which pServer is currently experiencing high levels of disk I/O?
  • Which pServer is consuming CPU excessively, and what is causing it - user-level processing or system-level processing?
  • Is any pServer highly memory-intensive?
  • Which pServer is consuming the maximum network bandwidth?
  • Is any disk partition of a pServer running out of space? If so, which disk partition is it and which pServer is it associated with?
  • Are there any inactive LPANs in the PAN manager?
  • Is any LPAN CPU-hungry?