Why Monitor ExaGrid Backup Server?

In IT infrastructures providing mission-critical services to end-users, an efficient backup and restore mechanism is necessary for ensuring that critical servers that are involved in the delivery of a service do not suffer any data loss. ExaGrid Backup servers are becoming very crucial to the normal functioning of such infrastructures. If the backup/restoration fails due to unexpected errors, or if the deduplication is taking too much time or if the space in the disk landing zone or retention repository disk is depleting rapidly, then, the backup server might not be able to function properly until such time that all its data is restored to it or adequate resources are added to it. This in turn could have a disastrous effect on the service delivery. If such an outcome is to be prevented, the ExaGrid Backup Server needs to be closely monitored. eG Enterprise offers a dedicated monitoring model for ExaGrid Backup Server using which administrators can keep a vigil on their backup and restore data round the clock.