How to Monitor GitHub Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise monitors GitHub using an agentless approach. For this purpose, you need to install an eG agent on a remote Windows host in your environment. To enable the eG agent to collect the performance metrics of the GitHub user account, specify the credentials of that particular user while configuring the tests using eG admin interface.

The broad steps for monitoring the GitHub using eG Enterprise are as follows:

  1. Manage the GitHub component using the eG admin interface;
  2. Configure the tests for the component.

In this discussion, each of the aforesaid steps will be elaborately dealt in the following sections.

Managing GitHub

To manage the GitHub component, do the following:

  1. Log into the eG admin interface.
  2. Follow the Components -> Add/Modify menu sequence in the Infrastructure tile of the Admin menu.
  3. In the Components page that appears next, select GitHub as the Component type. Then, click the Add New Component button. This will invoke Figure 1.


    Figure 1 : Adding the GitHub

  4. Specify the Nick name for the GitHub component. Since the GitHub is hosted on the cluster environment, it can be monitored in an agentless manner alone.
  5. Therefore, the Agentless flag will be enabled by default.
  6. Set Other as the OS and Other as the Mode.
  7. Then, choose the Remote Agent that should do agentless monitoring of the GitHub component .
  8. Next, assign a External Agent to the component.
  9. Finally, click the Add button to add the GitHub component to the eG Enterprise system. Components manually added will be automatically managed by eG Enterprise.

Configuring Tests

Once the GitHub component is managed, try to sign out of the eG admin interface. This will invoke , Figure 2 listing all the unconfigured tests for the GitHub component.

Figure 2 : The list of unconfigured tests for the GitHub component

Click on any test to configure it. For instance, click on the GitHub Account Details test. Doing so will invoke Figure 2.

Figure 3 : Configuring the Git Account Details test

In Figure 2, you have to specify the valid credentials of a GitHub user against the Username and password parameters to enable the eG agent to monitor the GitHub environment of the specified user. To know more details on configuring the tests, refer to Monitoring GitHub.

Once the test is configured, sign out of the eG admin interface.