Why Monitor Lenovo XClarity Controller

The XClarity controller consolidates the service processor functionality, super I/O, video controller, and remote presence capabilities into a single chip on server system board. It provides an interface into various functions and components of the servers it is managing. It helps automation of the management tasks like configuring connectivity, security, server settings, attached devices, event logging, gathering and viewing system information and inventory, monitoring system health and status, providing notification of key events etc. With such a wide range of management functions, XClarity Controller is key for administrators for management of server farms and data centers. It is absolutely important for administrators to know if XClarity Controller is working as per expectations and performing it's functions efficiently, which make XClarity Controller a prime candidate for monitoring continuously. eG Enterprise provides excellent capability to monitor XClarity Controller and reports valuable insights using which administrators can use and take corrective action if there is any issue, thus ensuring seamless operation of data center.