Monitoring Mule ESB Cloud

eG Enterprise provides an exclusive Mule ESB Cloud monitoring model that provides an in-depth visibility into the performance, availability, and usage status of applications and workers deployed on every environment of target Mule Cloud organization.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Mule ESB Cloud

Using the model depicted by Figure 1, administrators can determine the following:

  • Are the number of fatal errors and execution errors high in each application instance deployed on the target Mule Cloud?

  • Is the status of the each queue in every application deployed on each environment normal? If so, then how many messages are waiting and being processed in each queue?

  • Has the schedule enabled in each application and is it running? Then, what is the current status of the schedule?

  • What is the current status of each application deployed on the Mule Cloud?

  • Is the CPU utilization of each application too high? How many workers are allocated to each application?

  • How many workers are remaining for each application?

  • Are there too many transaction available on each application?

  • Are the workers functioning properly? is the status of each worker normal?

  • Are there too much load on each worker? If so, then what is the CPU usage, memory usage , data and network traffic on each worker for every application?

  • Is the resource usage too high on the target organization of Mule Cloud?