Monitoring NFS on Linux Clients

For monitoring NFS clients on Linux, the eG Enterprise offers the NFS Linux Client monitoring model.

Figure 1 : The NFS Linux Client monitoring model

Each layer of the model is mapped to tests that monitor the RPC calls made by the target NFS client to a server and promptly detect abnormalities in the RPC communication. Using the metrics so reported, administrators can find quick and easy answers for the following performance questions:

  • Is the NFS client available over the network?
  • Is the client utilizing the CPU, memory, and disk space resources optimally?
  • Is the client overloading the server with too many RPC requests?
  • Are too many RPC requests getting retransmitted to the server?
  • Are the remote file systems available?
  • Is the client taking too long to access the remote file systems?
  • Is any NFS-mounted directory unavailable?
  • Is any NFS-mounted directory consuming too much space?