Monitoring the Microsoft SQL Report Server

eG Enterprise provides a specialized layer model for monitoring the Microsoft SQL report server. Figure 4 depicts this layer model.

Figure 4 : Layer model of the Microsoft SQL report server

Each layer of this model is mapped to tests that measures a key aspect of performance of the report server. Using the metrics reported by these tests, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for persistent performance queries, such as follows:

  • Has the report cache been utilized optimally? Are there more cache hits than misses?
  • Is the ratio of hits to misses of the in-memory cache high?
  • Is the cache been flushed very frequently?
  • Did any errors occur when processing HTTP requests?
  • Did any login attempts to the server via RSWindows Authentication, fail?
  • Is the memory pressure on the server high?
  • Is network throughput of the server healthy?
  • Is report execution delayed unduly for any user? If so, which user is it? Which reports of the user are slow, and what is the probable cause for the delay - is it because of slow data retrieval? delayed processing of data? or sluggish rendering of the reports?
  • Have any reports failed? If so, which ones are they? What has been the most common cause of report failures - parameter errors? missing parameter values? internal errors? report rendering errors?
  • Were any reports timed-out? Which ones are they?
  • Were reports canceled? Which are those reports?
  • Were any request processing bottlenecks noticed?
  • Did requests fail often owing to communication failures?
  • Were requests frequently rejected due to inadequate server resources?
  • Is the session cache been used effectively?
  • Is the report server database up, running, and accessible over the network?
  • Is the report server database executing queries quickly?

Use the links below to know which tests are mapped to each of the layers in Figure 4, and what measures these tests report.

The MSSQL Report Server Layer

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