Configuring a Sybase ASE Server Using the MDA Tables

Starting Sybase ASE 12.5.3, users have the option of installing MDA tables on the Sybase server for accessing critical performance statistics pertaining to the server. If MDA tables are installed on a Sybase server, then, you can use the Sybase ASE monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise to monitor that Sybase server.

Configuring the eG Agent to Monitor the Sybase ASE Server Using the MDA Tables

To use the Sybase ASE model, the following pre-requisites need to be fulfilled:

  1. MDA tables should be installed on the Sybase ASE to be monitored;
  2. The eG agent should be configured with the user privileges required for monitoring. These privileges may differ across tests. While most tests need to be configured with the privileges of a user who has the "mon_role", the Sybase Database Space Usage test and the Sybase Database Stats test require the privileges of a user with the "mon_role" and "sa_role", and the Sybase System Processes test requires the "mon_role" and "sybase_ts_role". The test-specific documentation will shed more light on this. However, for best results, its recommended that you configure all tests with the credentials of a user with all three roles - "mon_role", "sa_role", and "sybase_ts_role".
  3. The following configuration parameters have to be enabled on the target Sybase server:

    • enable monitoring
    • sql text pipe active
    • sql text pipe max messages
    • statement pipe active
    • statement pipe max messages
    • errorlog pipe active
    • errorlog pipe max messages
    • deadlock pipe active
    • deadlock pipe max messages
    • wait event timing
    • process wait events
    • object lockwait timing
    • SQL batch capture
    • statement statistics active
    • per object statistics active
    • enable stmt cache monitoring
    • max SQL text monitored