Citrix Connection Brokering Reports

Citrix Delivery Controller manages the assembly of users’ virtual desktop environments, and brokers connections between users and their virtual desktops. This component further controls the state of the desktops, starting and stopping them based on demand and administrative configuration. Any issue related to the broker, no matter how miniscule – say, a split-second break in the availability of the Delivery Controller, or a marginal delay in user authentication by the Delivery Controller - can severely hamper the delivery of the Citrix XenDesktop solution, and significantly degrade the user experience with the virtual desktops. To alleviate such problems, eG Enterprise monitors the Citrix Delivery Controller and reports the performance of the Delivery Controllers round the clock.

While monitoring the Citrix Delivery Controller on a day-to-day basis, administrators often require deep-dive historical analytics related to the Citrix environments. Administrators are required to proactively be alerted to compromises encountered in the service levels of the delivery controller and figure out patterns involved in such compromises. To cater to the needs of such administrators eG Enterprise offers the Citrix Connection Brokering Reports category.

The forthcoming sections will elaborately discuss the reports presented in this category.