Measurement Snapshot Reports

The Measurement Snapshots feature of the eG Reporter enables users to perform effective reactive analysis. Sometimes, while performing a routine monitoring exercise, some administrators might have become aware of a problem only after a few hours of its occurrence. In some other cases, administrators might want to know all that had transpired in the monitored environment during a brief period of their absence. The Measurement Snapshots report feature of the eG Reporter helps such administrators perform a post-mortem procedure on the monitored environment, analyze the state of the environment during the designated period, and diagnose the root-cause of problems that had existed during that period.

Unlike other reports offered by the eG Reporter, which represent information graphically, the Measurement Snapshot Reports, by default, provide the information as neatly tabulated data to enhance readability and understandability.

Measurement Snapshot reports are of two types, namely: Components and Tests.