The Analytical Reports

The report options offered by the Analytical Reports node of the REPORTS BY FUNCTION tree in the eG Reporter provides in-depth analysis into the performance of the IT infrastructure elements. These reports aid in administrators in comparing, correlating, and analyzing the performance of specific components, segments, services, and component types, analyze the health of the components, metrics generated in the monitored environment. Administrators can also perform a post-mortem procedure on the monitored environment, analyze the state of the environment during a designated period where problems existed only for a brief period, and diagnose the root-cause of problems that had existed during that period. The reports offered in this node also provides in-depth analysis to predict and correlate the resources in the monitored environment. Using these reports, administrators can figure out the resource usage bottlenecks and the severity of these bottlenecks, identify repeated issues (if any), analyze the root-cause of such issues, and advise a course of action.