Silent Mode Installation of the eG Manager

The first step towards installing the eG manager in the silent mode is to create the silent mode script for a manager installation. The script file will carry the extension .iss, and will contain the inputs provided by the administrator while installing the eG manager in the normal mode. Before attempting script creation, ensure that the eGManager_<OS>.exe is available on the local host. Then, to create the script, do the following:

  1. From the command prompt, switch to the directory in which the eGManager_<OS>.exe resides.
  2. Next, issue the following command: eGManager_<OS>.exe -a -r /f1”<Full path to the script file >”. For example, to create a script file named eGManager.iss in the c:\script directory, the command should be: eGManager_<OS>.exe -a -r /f1”c:\script\eGManager.iss”.
  3. The Normal mode manager installation will then begin. The inputs supplied during the normal mode will automatically be saved in the iss file that was created in step 2. Refer to the Installing and Configuring the eG Manager on Windows topic for the detailed procedure for installing an eG manager on Windows in the normal mode.

The next time you wish to install the eG manager on the same host, you can do so in the Silent mode, following the steps given below: 

  1. Uninstall the eG manager on the host (if it already exists).
  2. Ensure that the eGManager_<OS>.exe is present on the host, go to the command prompt, and then switch to the directory containing the manager executable.
  3. From that directory, execute the following command to install the eG manager in the silent mode: eGManager_<OS>.exe -a -s /f1”<Full path to the script file containing the inputs for the installation>”. In other words, to extract installation inputs from the eGManager.iss file that was created in our example above, the command will be: eGManager_<OS>.exe -a -s /f1”c:\script\eGManager.iss”.
  4. The eG manager installation will then begin and proceed in the silent mode. Setup will extract the required inputs from the iss file specified in step 3 above and perform the installation automatically, requiring no user intervention of any kind.


  • If the silent mode installation is to be carried out on a different host, then inputs such as manager IP/hostname will undergo a change. To ensure that such changes are effected during the silent mode install, edit the inputs registered with the .iss file using an Editor.
  • The silent mode installation procedure applies only to the eG manager on Windows with Oracle/MS SQL backend. If the backend is MSDE, then the eG manager cannot be reinstalled in the silent mode.