Large enterprises often have thousands of devices, servers, and applications that have to be managed, and a single eG management console may not have the capacity to handle the entire enterprise. To support such enterprises, multiple eG managers may be needed. However, if each of these managers operate independently, they may not provide a common view of the entire enterprise. Hence, it could be very cumbersome to have the IT staff of the enterprise login to different eG management consoles to get a complete view of the status of the target infrastructure. For a consolidated view across disparate eG managers, you can use one of the following options:

  • eG Supermanager
  • External Supermanager

eG Supermanager

The eG Supermanager is a 100% web-based component of the eG Enterprise. Where multiple eG managers are deployed, you can configure all these managers to report performance and problem data to the centralized eG Supermanager. Users can then login to the eG Supermanager to receive an overview of performance across the different eG managers. To deploy and configure an eG Supermanager, you first need to enable eG Supermanager Support in the eG license.

External Supermanager

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), formerly Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM or OpsMgr), is a performance and event monitoring product for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Since SCOM is an expert Windows monitoring solution, where SCOM is used, administrators are often seen using Management Packs (MP) from third-party monitoring tools to extend SCOM’s monitoring functionality to non-Microsoft servers / applications. The key challenge in using multiple MPs is that these MPs are primarily from different vendors, and are hence not integrated. The lack of integration makes correlation and root-cause diagnosis near-impossible! What is needed therefore is a single, integrated solution that can update administrators on component health and alert them to anomalies across the target environment, regardless of the operating system or type of application/device in use.

eG Enterprise provides a Universal Management Pack (MP) for SCOM that can be used to monitor any application in an IT infrastructure – be it packaged enterprise applications and custom applications, Microsoft and non-Microsoft servers / applications, Virtualized and SaaS applications, or server hardware, network devices, or storage systems. Using this MP, you can view, track, and analyze the state and performance of eG-managed components from the SCOM console itself! Moreover, if you have multiple eG managers deployed in an environment, then, this MP can serve as the interface that routes performance and problem information from each of the managers to the SCOM management console. This way, you can have SCOM operate as the centralized 'External Supermanager' for all eG managers in the environment. To use the eG Enterprise Universal MP for SCOM, you first need to make sure that the External Supermanager capability is enabled in the eG license.