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Healthcare IT Management

Ensuring High Uptime and Peak Performance for Healthcare IT Applications

Healthcare IT's Unique Requirements

Healthcare IT management has many unique data storage and security requirements

Over the years, technology has transformed the healthcare industry by giving clinicians the flexibility to use any device, anywhere. Healthcare organizations are focused on providing employees with seamless access to the applications and data needed to deliver optimal patient care. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, and clinics are all challenged to maintain a balance between critical, and often competing, government mandates and priorities which include streamlining clinical workflows and uninterrupted delivery of patient information at the point of care, while ensuring data security and compliance.

Seamless and uninterrupted access to patient data and clinical systems across all devices and applications is essential to optimize patient care. Healthcare organizations must ensure that IT services are available and performing as expected to meet the mission-critical needs of healthcare end-users.

  • eG Enterprise: Uniquely Capable of Addressing Healthcare IT Needs

    Healthcare organizations have heterogeneous, multi-vendor IT infrastructures. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, BYOD and flex-work policies, end-user computing and VDI services are widely used. Many electronic health records (EHR) applications support authenticated web access, while many legacy applications are client-server based. Big data platforms are being adopted to store the large volumes of patient and healthcare records and make them accessible to medical professionals when they need them.

    eG Enterprise provides a single unified monitoring solution that can handle all of these diverse technologies equally well:

    Application performance monitoring in Healthcare management
    • It embeds unique domain expertise for all popular end-user computing technologies, including Citrix, VMware Horizon and Microsoft WVD.
    • At the same time, it also includes code-level monitoring capabilities for web technologies including Java, Microsoft .NET and PHP.
    • By combining application performance monitoring and infrastructure monitoring capabilities in one solution, eG Enterprise offer IT operations teams with ready and quick insight to answer the toughest IT problem of today: "why is the application slow".

    With eG Enterprise, many healthcare organizations across the world have consolidated their IT monitoring into one solution, improved service uptime, enhanced user experience, and reduced IT operations costs.

  • eG Innovations helps healthcare organizations to drive IT success by ensuring top application and desktop performance for excellent patient care and satisfaction

    Healthcare IT management objectives

  • Monitor All Key Healthcare IT Technologies in One Solution

  • Why major healthcare organizations are using eG Enterprise to oversee their critical IT systems and applications?

    • 50% improvement in login times for critical healthcare applications

    • More than 70% of the time, issues were resolved before customers engaged the support team

    • Reduced support costs up to 20% by minimizing need to engage the entire support structure

    • Respond to 99% of issues within four minutes and resolve or escalate 85% of issues within 30 minutes

    • Saved over $125,000 a year by leveraging eG Enterprise to optimize IT operations

    • Instead of incurring hours of downtime, identify the cause of an issue in minutes

  • The eG Innovations performance monitoring suite delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptitme and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

    - Mike Montano, Sr. Technical Support Manager, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions  

  • eG Enterprise Delivers Tangible Business Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

    • Healthcare IT management benefits
      Stellar User Experience
      Ensure enhanced user satisfaction and increased business productivity
    • Healthcare IT management benefits
      High Accessibility & Performance
      Optimize the IT infrastructure with advanced analytics for maximum performance
    • Healthcare IT management benefits
      Compliance Reporting
      Get access to historical audit reports of who logged in, when, from where and how
    • Healthcare IT management benefits
      Increased ROI
      Improve IT operational efficiency, and reduce technology and manpower costs
  • Unparalleled Citrix and VDI Visibility and Insights

    Citrix and other digital workspace technologies are widely used in the healthcare industry to provide physicians with immediate access to medical data across networks, facilities and devices. One of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face is to make sure that the entire virtual desktop delivery chain is working well, so healthcare professionals get access to the data when they need it.

    eG Enterprise V7 for user experience monitoring

    eG Enterprise takes a holistic, end-to-end view of performance, starting with user experience and providing instant drilldowns and diagnosis to enable timely remediation of any performance problems. With eG Enterprise, you can:

    • Be the first to know when your users experience Citrix/VDI logon issues, application slowness, latency and bandwidth issues
    • Simplify IT operations by being able to monitor across each and every layer and tier of the Citrix stack and the supporting infrastructure from one console
    • Eliminate finger-pointing among teams by finding the root-cause of the issues in minutes
    • Get analytical insights to right-size, optimize and plan your infrastructure
  • Ensure Security and Compliance of Healthcare Data

    Security and compliance are critical in healthcare. IT professionals must have access to actionable data, allowing them to address complex and constantly changing government/industry regulations and internal requirements. eG Enterprise's universal monitoring technology helps healthcare IT address many of their key compliance requirements.

    Healthcare IT management reporting dashboard
    • Get detailed reports documenting who logged in, at what time, for how long and on which systems
    • Track application usage by users, their client devices, active times and idle times in a session
    • Get alerts whenever logons to Citrix NetScaler or any of your systems fail, or if any security events have been detected
    • With machine learning and auto-baselining technologies included in eG Enterprise, get proactive alerts on unusual access patterns or trends
  • We've integrated our own application monitoring scripts with eG Enterprise and created a tool that is versatile and functional. As a result, we are able to offer a 24X7 application/system remote monitoring service to our customers.

    - Mack Baniameri, Remote Service Manager, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions  


Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise is something we can't live without. We have been able to use eG Enterprise to quantify performance improvements in areas that we were struggling with before, and with a few changes we were able to quickly see that we had a 50% improvement in Citrix user login times.

Wendy Howard
Infrastructure Engineer, St. Charles Health System


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