CloudVDI and eG Innovations today announced a partnership in which CloudVDI will use eG Innovations advanced cloud performance management solutions as an integral component in CloudVDI’s Virtual Desktop service. Cloud VDI will also resell eG Innovations products to its Citrix consulting client base to expedite Citrix deployments.

CloudVDI offers a Virtual Desktop subscription service, offering businesses the ability to run Windows OS and compatible software on any CPU and mobile device through CloudVDI’s hosted servers. According to CloudVDI Co-founder Ryan O’Connor, “It’s time consuming and expensive to pinpoint the root cause of a virtualization problem in a timely and accurate manner. We are pleased with eG Innovations capability to automate and accelerate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance issues across our virtual and cloud environments. It was a natural extension to further partner with them to resell their solutions to our clients.”

“Manual performance diagnosis of virtualized IT environments is virtually impossible due to their highly dynamic and heterogeneous nature”, said eG Innovations Co-founder and CEO Srinivas Ramanathan. “Our patented automated technology delivers deep insight into virtual application performance, which is critical for rapid and accurate diagnosis of performance problems. CloudVDI’s integration of our solution in their service offerings is a great endorsement of our capabilities to provide unparalleled support for virtualization initiatives. We are pleased to be partnering with CloudVDI.”

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