fortune-500-240cs051211CIOs have a fiduciary duty to ensure the organization they serve has viable future ready solutions for capacity planning, infrastructure management, performance monitoring, measurement of KPIs, downtime prevention and helpdesk resolution. End users have a different perspective, they judge their experience relative to their ability to be productive and complete an end goal.

Traditional studies are based on datacenter incidents and downtime but don’t account for employee compensation or reduced end user productivity. When apps and databases are unavailable or slow and unresponsive, the downstream impact can be truly devastating. Customer loyalty suffers, industry reputations become damaged, and strategic partnerships dissolve, legal liabilities increase, stock values decrease and financial markets collapse.

According to Forbes, the Fortune 500 employ 27 million people at an average compensation rate of $33.00 per hour, a Dun & Bradstreet survey determined that 59% of Fortune 500 experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime every week, and a TRAC Research study determined that slow-time occurs 10 times more often than downtime.

Those statistics indicate that the Fortune 500 experience 24,544 hours of downtime and 245,544 hours of slow-time, that’s a combined 30 years of man-hours annually, the resulting downtime compensation cost is an astronomical $1.2 Trillion which is equal to 12% of US GDP.

The compensation isn’t wasted, employees will do what comes naturally, they will shift priorities or perform their duties manually or at a reduced rate of productivity until continuity is restored, but they will still be working under less than optimal circumstances and may shift priorities to a less profitable endeavor.

Imagine the additional wealth, jobs, investments, savings and charitable contributions that could be created by proactively reducing downtime and slow-time across domains within the enterprise. End users would be happier, productivity would soar and CIOs would be the new captains of industry.

It’s obvious slow-time isn’t just a major nuisance, it’s a cancer within the enterprise, left undiagnosed and untreated it the root-cause can spread to other systems within your infrastructure making it much more difficult to diagnose the root-cause and even leading to unscheduled down-time.

Real costs of downtime and slow time and how to decrease downtime performance.Root-cause diagnosis of slow-time can be extremely difficult, that’s because it can originate due to almost anything and anywhere within the enterprise. Misconfiguration due to human error, missing drivers, intermittent memory faults, network IP cache errors, unbalanced workloads and constrained virtual resources can all be the root-cause of slow-time, or they could just be a resulting symptom, they key to resolving such issues is getting to the root-cause quickly before they spread to other systems and bring productivity to a standstill.

Fortunately there is a solution that can help businesses proactively reduce downtime, slow-time and improve the end user experience.

eG Enterprise is a 100% web based performance management solution, as long as you have an internet connection you will have universal insight into your infrastructure and can take action anytime, from anywhere on any device.

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on the universal insight that eG Enterprise  provides so they have total visibility across all layers and tiers of the enterprise. Having universal insight enables and empowers them to enhance IT service performance, increase operational efficiency and ensure IT effectiveness.

ImagekideG Enterprise Universal Insight; A Force Multiplier for IT Departments

Enhance IT Service Performance – eG Enterprise automatically correlates performance metrics across every layer and tier of cloud, physical and virtual infrastructures. It provides the universal insight and actionable intelligence that IT departments need to prevent downtime and slow-time so end users are productive and able to accomplish their goals.

Increase Operational Efficiency – eG Enterprise provides a single, unified, customizable interface with intuitive end-to-end topology maps and single-click drill downs for root-cause analysis. Having universal insight across the enterprise accelerates time to resolution, eliminates helpdesk guesswork and helps IT departments keep systems online so business continuity and end user productivity are maintained.

Ensure IT Effectiveness – eG Enterprise with its extensive, detailed historical reports provides CIOs and IT managers the empirical performance data they need to right size the enterprise, balance workloads, eliminate cost overruns and ensure that capacity planning meets the business needs of today while preparing for the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

These benefits are especially important when time is of the essence or budget constraints and natural attrition lead to reductions in IT support staff.

eG Enterprise Universal Insight; Ready for the Borderless Enterprise

Mobilize Your Workforce with Confidence – eG Enterprise provides enhanced capabilities for the full suite of virtualization and mobility solutions from Citrix Systems, including XenDesktop and XenMobile .

The successful deployment and future scalability of a mobility solution is dependent on broad user adoption and application responsiveness, but the introduction of foreign devices on a corporate network poses new threats to the privacy and integrity of confidential data.

IT managers can use our Citrix Ready solution to help make slow-time, extended logons and network latency a thing of the past while also ensuring that device compliance and application performance are maintained.

Cloud Ready and Virtualization Aware – eG Enterprise is cloud ready and provides IT managers the visibility they need to monitor the health, performance and responsiveness of mission critical applications. Once deployed the universal insight technology automatically discovers and collects baseline metrics for applications running in the cloud, virtual and physical environments and can provide dynamic, customizable reports for them.

eG Enterprise is the only application performance management solution that provides both an outside view of a VM indicating the hypervisors physical resources used by a VM, and an inside view of the VM indicating which application(s) and user(s) are driving resource usage.

For a free trial, to schedule a live demo or obtain more information about how eG Enterprise can help prevent slow-time and downtime send a request to or go to our website at

eG Enterprise is an Observability solution for Modern IT. Monitor digital workspaces,
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