How to become an Expert in IIS Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) plays a pivotal role in supporting web applications on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Using a thread-per-request processing model, Microsoft IIS offers a scalable way of supporting websites and applications. While IIS is widely used to host ASP.NET websites and applications, it can also be the front-end for other applications based on Java, PHP, etc. In a multi-tier architecture, the front-end web server handles all the information relating to user activity, accesses, errors, and security events and so any slowdown in the web server tier will adversely affect the entire application’s performance, and ultimately, the user experience.

In our guide for IT administrators, we cover the essentials of monitoring Microsoft’s Internet Information Server that will enable you to both troubleshoot and optimize your Microsoft web applications to ensure performance and availability. Key architectural information is also included to assist staff training, alongside a reference explaining the key metrics and data available to IIS administrators and how to interpret this information to troubleshoot faults, availability issues, and performance slowdown.

The IIS Administrator’s Troubleshooting Guide includes an explanation of key metrics and areas to understand your Microsoft web application servers, including “How to”:

  • Monitor web application availability and response time
  • Monitor the workload on your web server and individual websites
  • Get granular details on website performance
  • Snapshot requests currently executing for each website and identify requests that are being processed slowly
  • Watch for ASP.NET exceptions in the application event log
  • Monitor .NET processing efficiency
  • Monitor .NET CLR engine
  • Monitor application pools and worker processes
  • Monitor the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)
  • Understand HTTP.sys performance

This free guide is now available to download here: “The IIS Administrator’s Troubleshooting Guide.”

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