I’m excited to be able to announce the availability of the new eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator for AVD that now provides any AVD administrator with a no-risk, powerful “synthetic” monitoring tool to track AVD logon performance and failures. Slow logon performance has been one of the most challenging user complaints that VDI and digital workspace administrators and support teams have to deal with. When a user logs on to a virtual desktop, there are many interactions that need to occur between different infrastructure elements. A slow-down or failure anywhere in the infrastructure – the AVD broker, Azure AD, any on-prem Active Directory, FSLogix containers, storage, etc. – can result in slow or failed logons. AVD administrators must be able to detect such situations proactively and resolve them. Using this new tool to enable 24×7 simulation and alerting on virtual desktop and workspace logon failures provides AVD administrators with exactly what they need to proactively detect and fix such issues, and thereby, ensure a great user and employee digital experience.

Simple tabulated reports and dashboards present the results of logon duration and failures. When failures occur, screenshots are automatically captured and made available via color coded overlays in a simple and intuitive GUI. This design is for both administrators and multi-skilled frontline help desk operators to understand every stage of the logon process and the points of failure.

AVD Logon Simulator dashboard

If you are encountering AVD logon challenges or slow logons, you may like to read our article on troubleshooting AVD logon problems that covers the root-cause of common AVD user logon issues; see: Troubleshoot Slow Azure Virtual Desktop Logons.

With this new addition, eG Enterprise Express SaaS now supports three built-in digital workspace simulation options. Customers can choose to use the free logon simulator for AVD, or the previously supported ones for Free Logon Simulator for Citrix (on-prem and cloud) and Free Logon Simulator for VMware Horizon technologies. Get started by registering here: https://www.eginnovations.com/avd-logon-simulator

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