Managing Virtual Desktops is Harder Than Managing Virtual Servers!

I came across this interesting article – ‘Year of the Virtual Desktop’ a Flop So Far. True – VDI deployments are not happening as fast as everyone had hope for earlier in the year. At the same time, it is not the end of road for VDI as this article portrays it to be. There are compelling reasons why VDI makes sense in certain scenarios. The slow adoption is due to many reasons – the overall economy and budget situation, licensing costs for VDI being higher than for XenApp and other application virtualization technologies, etc. One of the other key reasons why VDI adoption has not grown dramatically is the lack of manageability of these solutions. As organizations attempt to scale their VDI deployments to make virtual desktops cost effective, they face performance problems and need to know what they can do to make their infrastructure run as optimally as possible. Some have even questioned their technology choice, without realizing what they need is greater visibility into the different infrastructure tiers that are responsible for service delivery to the end user.

Discussion between Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth at TechTarget presents an excellent overview of some of the monitoring challenges that VDI introduces. Particularly interesting and relevant is the discussion on why managing VDI is more difficult than managing virtual servers, or for that matter, physical desktops. Be sure to check it out!