My name is Chetan Goyal. I’m 24 years old and currently pursuing my MBA from the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Being an MBA student, one has to accept new challenges and be ready to manage ever-changing workloads in order to excel at and enhance your management skills. A summer Internship in Chennai is one such challenge where you get to experience the dynamics of working in a company and put all those hours of theoretical learnings in practice. It’s the chance to contribute to a company and at the same time learn the nuances of business.

Why did I choose eG Innovations?

To begin with, my decision to apply for a Chennai-based paid internship at eG Innovations sounded strange to many, including my family members. This is because eG Innovations is all about delivering IT performance monitoring to help businesses improve their end-user experience. As a BCom graduate, I have a completely non-IT, non-technical background. I saw this paid internship in Chennai as an opportunity to learn something new and gain valuable experience in a growing industry.

Before Joining eG Innovations as an intern, I had very little knowledge about the IT industry. My tech experience started with my Android phone and ended with my laptop. However, any concerns I had about not knowing anything about IT were quickly allayed when the whole marketing team helped and guided me. I was given proper training from the very beginning and helped me learn from a completely blank slate.

My two months of the paid internship were full of insights and different sets of responsibilities. Work From Home is the new normal for many businesses and eG Innovations is no different. We all know that it brings a degree of comfort to work from home, but there are also many challenges that I didn’t realize until I started working with the remote team.

Working remotely and getting virtual training was difficult for me in the beginning. This was compounded by the fact that I was moving home from one side of the country to another. This was the time when I had to put my time management skills to the test because I had to manage settling into my new house, but at the same time manage my work commitments. The flexibility in working hours and support provided by the team members helped to ensure I could still deliver my work, even though it wasn’t in a traditional 9-5 office environment.

What I learned as an intern at eG Innovations

eG Innovations has a lot to offer for motivated and enthusiastic interns. I learned about the IT infrastructure required in a company to run its operation and different application monitoring tools that can help to auto-detect the problems and resolve them quickly. I learned about different job titles in the IT sector and all about the levels of escalation present in the IT support structure. I gained a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an IT manager.

I learned about the Account-based marketing (ABM) strategy where you target the companies that you think are a good fit for your product and can be your sustainable source of income. I found it strange that businesses call companies that they are targeting as ‘accounts’ but I soon learned to accept it.

The first step in ABM is to create an ideal customer profile. It was really interesting to work on the lead and customer data from Salesforce. The CRM data can be analyzed to create an ideal customer profile based on what kind of accounts are becoming opportunities (opportunities are deals where the sales person thinks there is a good chance of winning the deal) and which accounts become customers. We can use that information to build up the industry and size of company that makes up our ideal customer profile.

The best part of my 2 months’ experience was reading “Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler. My mentor insisted that we read this fantastic book and I would highly recommend it to upcoming interns and all those people looking for creating an efficient sales pipeline in their business as it can help them predict their revenues year after year and achieve sustainable growth in their revenue for a long run.

A message for all the upcoming interns……

All those MBA students who go for paid summer internships in Chennai after the term break should always have a learning mindset. It is really important to understand the job role and work hard to create an impact. One should get involved and take on the responsibility you’re given and try to find true insights that will definitely help you ahead in your placement interviews and also help you to develop more interest in your field. Happy learning!

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