Today’s guest blog is from Ainsley Brooks, Business Development Director at eG Innovations distributor partner UX Distribution Ltd who cover both the UK and Ireland, providing the IT reseller community easy access to a larger number of vendors and a single source for a broad range of solutions.

For over 40 years the vast majority of UK organisations have chosen to get their IT advice and solutions from specialist IT selling organisations, collectively called IT resellers. The principal functions IT resellers provide is advice, products, and services. Today IT resellers are categorised into sub-groups which better define their type or focus, such as, Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value Added Reseller (VAR), Enterprise, Systems Integrator (SI) etc.

With IT and technology now so much a part of every aspect of the modern commercial and public sector organisation, IT resellers have also needed to adapt and change to ensure they continue to provide ‘added-value’ to their customers and survive the ever-changing world that we live in.

Today the modern reseller could be a security, cloud, network, or communications specialist or choose to focus on a particular type of organisation, such as Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare or Legal. Either way the constant flow of information and change places a large burden on resellers and their staff to stay up to date. In addition, resellers large and small alike, need to keep up with the emergence of new vendors, new solution sectors, current legislation and information from industry and specific areas of interest. All this on top of the day-to-day priority of customer service and support.

To help resellers face the above challenges, distributors or ‘wholesalers’ to borrow a term from retail assume the role of the ‘aggregator’. That is, they ‘aggregate’ together various vendor solutions to form a portfolio of solutions. An IT reseller then buys on behalf of their customers these solutions or combine several vendors’ products to build a total solution for their clients. This aggregation provides the IT reseller with easy access to a larger number of vendors and a single source for a broad range of solutions.

Beside acting as an aggregator, distributors provide logistics, finance, and services to resellers to help ensure the delivery of solutions to their clients quickly, with less complexity and simpler support.

Collectively this two-tier approach in the UK has been referred to as ‘the channel’ and is the backbone of how IT gets delivered across the UK to the majority of industry and public organisations. CRN reported in February this year that the top 400 resellers had a total turnover of £23.1 billion and in June 2021 reported that the top 40 UK distributors had a combined turnover of £13.0 billion.

Over time the channel with its vendor-distributor-reseller relationships has proven itself time and time again as the preferred and best way for new and established vendors to bring their products to market across the UK. New vendors can accelerate Go To Market (GTM) plans and more established vendors can simplify how customers procure support, expand their use and buy new solution from the same vendor. Even the Hyperscalers who originally were perceived to be more direct with their supply chains have talked openly about engaging better with the UK channel in recent years to continue to expand their UK footprint of customers.

The UK channel is a well-established part of the IT supply landscape and although it undoubtedly will face new challenges in the years ahead, has been able to change and react to previous market dynamics and has not only survived but grown in size, capabilities and importance. The future of the channel looks to be secured for many years to come.

The eG Innovations and UX Distribution Partnership

eG Innovations partnership with UX Distribution (UXD), a specialist Cloud and Digital Workplace distributor focused on the cloud and hybrid workplace, covering Cloud, Security, Management, Endpoint and Networking.  UX Distribution is unrivalled in providing a ‘complete solutions’ stack’, from the edge to the data centre/cloud.  UXD’s mission is to help our partners support their customers on the journey to a cloud-first digital organisation.

Bringing the eG Innovations solution into UXD portfolio significantly adds to the value we can offer our channel partners and their customers in turn. Giving our focus of user experience an even greater value and resource to our partners. Our portfolio of vendors in our ecosystem needs to cover the customers’ complete user experience from cloud to desktops. We are securing application in the cloud and on the desktop then managing the applications in the cloud and on the desktops. eG Innovations fits perfectly into this with the rare ability to manage the performance of multiple cloud vendors. eG Enterprise’s unusually extensive support for multi-tenanted environments such as MSPs helps broaden the use cases we can cover.

eG Enterprise joins our portfolio to complement solutions from our other partners that include 10ZiG, Aqua, appCure, Authlogics, Avanite, Ericom, FlexxibleIT, Matrix42, Printer Logic and Stratodesk.

At UXD we aim to offer our partners best of breed technologies that they can offer and deliver to their customers either as stand-alone or part of a complete solution. Our vendors solutions are the preferred choice for many organisations when simplifying, securing and managing the most complex environments and meeting business challenges.

About UX Distribution

UX Distribution Limited is a UK and Irish distributor focused on bringing to market emerging solutions which bring new capabilities and opportunities to IT resellers and service providers of all sizes.

Founded by a group of experienced end user computing (EUC) specialists, we saw a need to help bring together vendors, resellers and service providers who are focused on the digital workplace. Our leadership teams have decades of experience working within both distributors and EUC vendors including IGEL, Atrust, Ericom, Lakeside and CloudDNA and really understand these technologies, their benefits and also their limitations.

By being dedicated and focused on solutions which help organisations better manage and deliver a digital workplace, our vendors and partners have a simpler, faster and better return for effort. You can learn more about UXD or contact us via our website:

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