VDI Monitoring

Since virtual desktops are VMs, many IT admins try to use virtual machine monitoring tools for VDI as well. In this blog, we explain why VDI monitoring has unique requirements and why virtual server monitoring tools are not sufficient for VDI monitoring.

Virtualization Monitoring and Management Tools

Five Myths of Virtualization Management

The virtualization market has seen a dramatic growth in the last few years. Many recent industry surveys have pointed that a majority of enterprises are over 30% virtualized. Monitoring and management has become crucial as virtualization further penetrates the enterprise. In this article, we...

Monitoring Virtual Servers

Consolidating Monitoring Tools? We have the answer!

While a lot of attention has centered around server consolidation, a similar move is happening in the monitoring space. Many enterprises are looking at ways to consolidate their monitoring tools. eG Enterprise offers several compelling advantages if you are looking to consolidate monitoring...