Why Should Your VMware Management Solution Be VMware Ready Certified?

Things You Need to Know!

A couple of years back, VMware announced a VMware Ready Management certification program for management systems. This rigorous program provides:

  • Simplified management – simplify comprehensive management of virtual data center OS environments and across the enterprise with vCenter-integrated partner solutions
  • Integrated Solutions – vCenter and VMware Ready Management Solutions from partners for key management needs
  • Interoperability – integrated through vCenter Extensibility with existing management solutions to streamline processes and reduce costs

Unlike many other industry certification programs that offer a vendor certification upon payment, VMware does an extremely thorough job of evaluating a product, testing it under load, and even analyzing the product’s API calls to vCenter in order to determine whether the vendor’s products meet its expectations and best practices regarding how the vCenter third party APIs should be used.

While there are close to a hundred vendors who offer management systems for the VMware eco-system, there are only seven solutions that have received the VMware Ready Management certification – see https://www.vmware.com/partners.html. eG Enterprise is of course one of them! See our joint announcement with VMware here >>>

Of late, there have been many management vendors who have also claimed that they are VMware Ready certified – yet they do not appear on the VMware Ready Management certification list. How could that be?

VMware Ready certification can be obtained for different aspects of the solution. One of the more straightforward ones is VMware Ready certification for Virtual Appliances (find out about this program here). So if you have a management solution that could be installed as a virtual appliance on VMware vSphere, you could apply and receive VMware Ready certification. This is not very difficult – all it takes is that you use the VMware recommended tools to create the virtual appliance. This is what many vendors have done. The certification is for the Virtual Appliance – this DOES NOT mean that the management system is certified by VMware to use the recommended best practices for vCenter APIs.

So if you are in the process of evaluating VMware monitoring and management tools, don’t just go by the VMware Ready logo. Make sure that the management system is certified by the VMware Ready Management program.