The Value of Using a VMware Ready Certified Product

VMware Ready Certified PartnerThere are a number of monitoring solutions for VMware infrastructures – probably 50+. Do you know that only a handful (10%) of them have gone through the rigorous VMware-Ready certification process? See the list of VMware Ready Certified management software vendors here.

Early in 2009, VMware introduced a rigorous certification criteria and process for partner products. Here’s what VMware says about this certification “VMware Ready enables partners to qualify their integrations and support of VMware vCenter, offering customers VMware-optimized management solutions for managing the virtual datacenter OS (VDC-OS). Choosing a VMware Ready Optimized partner product ensures your management and VMware virtualization software work well together to reduce cost, improve performance, and simplify the delivery and maintenance of IT services.”

This means if you are choosing a VMware-Ready certified product, you are making the right choice – the vendor has taken the time and effort to ensure that their product works best in a VMware vSphere environment, by following best practices and using certified APIs for vSphere.

eG Innovations went through the rigorous certification process in early 2009 and achieved our certification by mid 2009. See our joint announcement with VMware here.

As I indicated, there are a large number of products that are NOT VMware-Ready Certified, to name a few – Netuitive SI for VMware, Liquidware Labs Statusphere, UptimeSoftware Up.Time, Veeam Monitor and Reporter, IBM Tivoli VMware Monitor, Akorri Balance Point, Aternity Frontline, Lakeside, RTO PinPoint, Integrien Alive, NetIQ App Manager, and Solarwinds/Tek-Tools VM Monitor.

If you are evaluating monitoring solutions for your VMware/vSphere infrastructures, consider vendors who have taken the time to go through the rigorous certification process from VMware and have ensured that their products work best in such infrastructures!

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